The process always starts with a clients need. It can be a completely new product or a desire to move the production to a new supplier. After receiving all drawings and additional documents and specifications, we review the material. We often book a meeting with the client to discuss any questions and insure that we have perceived the mission correctly. Traficator is your contact and contractor through the whole deal, from development of patterns and samples right through series production. This means that the client places their purchase orders with us, and we take care of the production, quality, and delivery of the final product.

When all details in an assignment has been clarified we perform a scan of suppliers in our network, which suppliers have the capability to produce the part, and which ones that meet the specific requirements. From the information received from the client we produce an inquiry and sends to the selected suppliers, along with drawings and any specific documents. We handle all contact with the supplier and answers any questions that might occur and when needed we contact the client for answers.

As the offer from the suppliers arrive we make an evalutation of the different alternatives to be able to present the very best offer to the client. Finally we send our offer to the client and at the same time we book a meeting to discuss our offer.

When our offer is accepted will all production take place after the clients purchase order or delivery plans. All invoicing is made at our office in Getinge.

Traficator is your contact and business partner through the whole process, from developing of models, production of outturn samples to serial delivery. This means that the client places orders to us and we handle the production, quality controls and make sure that the parts are delivered to the right address. If you want to know more of how we work, you are welcom to contact us directly.