We can deliver high quality, ready machined castings, in big or small quantities. If demanded, we are able to assist with heat treatment, CNC-machining, surface treatments, painting and assembly.

Production methods

– Sand casting, manually and automatc
– Pressure die casting, high and low pressure die casting
– Investment casting, lost wax process
– Centrifugal casting
– Steel Forgings


– Aluminum alloys
– Iron, grey and nodular
– Steel
– Stainless Steel
– Brass
– Copper


– Shot and sand blasting
– Heat treatment
– Metal working
– Surface treatments
– Painting
– Assembly

Quality control

– ISO 9001-2008
– TS EN 16949
– ISO 14001

Traficator is your contact and business partner through the whole process, from developing of models, production of outturn samples to serial delivery. This means that the client places orders to us and we handle the production, quality controls and make sure that the parts are delivered to the right address. If you want to know more of how we work, you are welcom to contact us directly.