The process always begins with a demand from the client. It can be a completely new part or a wish to move the production to a new supplier. When we receive the drawings and any other documents, such as special specifications or standards, we review all documents. Often we meet with the client…



History / Our strength

Traficator has been working with material sourcing since the middle of the 80’s. We started out with production in Poland, and now we have widened our network as far afield as Asia.

Our strengths lie in sourcing globally and our network of suppliers spans world.

We are able to deliver most metal products like, cast steel, aluminium, sand, gravity die, and pressure die castings, all grade of cast iron, including ductile iron. We undertake all types of surface treatments. Bronze and copper machined to high specification. We are also able to source steel fabrication, stampings steel and sheet metal, we source all manufactured parts.


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